MAP Group specializes in supplying essential products for the oil industry. Our strategic alliances allow us to provide our clients with only the highest quality products that always meet and exceed their standards. Please contact us to get specific product lists, information, availability, and price. 


MAP Group is a trusted supplier of Barite and Bentonite for the domestic and international market. We are able to provide our clients both forms of minerals: in ore, sized to the client's specifications; or in powder form, mesh 200. 


MAP group carries silica sand proppants
Sizes/crush rates  available are as follows:

20/40 – 7,000 PSI
30/50 – 8,000 PSI
40-70 – 7,000 PSI
40/70 -11,000 PSI
M100 – 8,000 PSI


At MAP Group we make available to our clients a full suite of drilling and fracking chemicals tailored to their specific needs. We carry everything your system may need from stimulation chemicals, to guar gel concentrates to rig cleaners.  Contact us to get a full product list and description.